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DAVA-JAZZ: Dava Jazz Grips Delrin Guitar Picks -

Check out this brand NEW design from Dava! The Jazz Grip Pick has a smaller shape & is stiffer than other Dava models. Plus, they come in the size jazz players love. The sharp tip combined with our patented over-molded rubber grip gives you the...

45.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 80 บาทพิเศษเพึยง 45.00.-เท่านั้น!!)


DAVA-CTRL: Dava Control Nylon Guitar Pick

Dava Control Nylon Guitar Pick * ปิ๊คกีต้าร์ ปรับแรงดีด ตีคอร์ดได้ Dava first introduced its Multi-Gauge design pick in 1996. Since then the original Dava Control has brought the idea of pick control to millions of musicians. ...

35.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 60 บาท ราคาพิเศษเพียง 35.00.- ดท่านั้น)


DAVA_POLY: Dava Control Poly Gels

Dava Control Poly Gels Introduced in 1996, our original patented multi-gauge Control Pick is the first design to give musicians the ability to control pick gauge while playing. Simply grip the tip for a hard gauge or release the flexible...

35.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 55.- พิเศษเพียง 30.00.-)


DAVA: Dava Grip Tips Delrin

Nothing parallels the grip and comfort of the new Dava Grip Tips. These are the first completely over molded rubber-grip picks. In the past, frustrated musicians have tried everything from gluing sand to even pieces of rubber to the sides of their picks....

45.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 60.-พิเศษเพียง 45.00.-)

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