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Dun Jazz

Dun Jazz: jim dunlop jazz i-ii-iii

Jazz III XL 47pxl Gauges: Nylon, StiffoHigh quality materialMolded tactile gripping surfaceExtended the gripping surface for added maneuverability and control

45.00  บาท   (ราคา 45-. บาท (ปกติ 85.- บาท พิเศษเพียง 45-.บาทเท่านั้น))

Nyion MIDI

Nyion MIDI: Dunlop Nylon MIDI Guitar Pick / Bass Pick

Jim Dunlop Nylon MIDI Guitar and Bass Picks feature a molded tactile gripping surface providing just enough grip for all styles of playing. The Dunlop Nylon MIDI picks are a blend of unique in-between gauges for a feel different from other Dunlop Nylon...

30.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 55.- บาทพิเศษ 30 บาท)

Big Stubby

Big Stubby: Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Guitar Pick

The Jim Dunlop Big Stubby Guitar Pick is loved by electric players for its smooth release, also great for acoustic guitarists for its hefty attack. The custom grip, smooth surface and precision tip makes the Big Stubby the most dynamic pick on the...

30.00  บาท   (ราคาปกติ 75-. บาทพิเศษเพียง 30.- บาท)


DUN-TOREX: Dunlop Tortex Standard Guitar Pick

Dunlop Tortex Picks are a standard among Guitar and Bass players world wide! Dunlop Tortex Guitar Picks are designed and carefully manufactured to give the tone and feel characteristics that Guitar and Bass Players want! This is why the Dunlop...

20.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 50.- บาท ราคาพิเศษเพียง 20.00เท่านั้น!!)

DUN-Elic j

DUN-Elic j: Dunlop Eric Johnson Nylon Jazz III

The Dunlop Jazz III Guitar Pick has been an important element to create Eric Johnson's fluid and seamless style. To create the Eric Johnson Jazz III pick, Dunlop laser scanned a vintage Jazz III from Eric's collection and recreated it with the most...

45.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 60บาท พิเศษสุดเพียง 45.00.-)

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