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ที่แขวนกีตาร์ Aroma AH-81 AROMA AH81 HANGER -Hanger for all types of guitars and other string instruments -Convenient to install -Made from strong Nylon material -EVA cushion to protect your instruments anytime -Dimension:...

280.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 450.- พิเศษเพียง 280.00.-)


PW-GD-01: Daddario Guitar Dock Portable -Leg free-Lock-

The Right Way to Lean Your Guitar Turn any table edge into a reliable stand for your guitar, with the Daddario Guitar Dock. If you're anything like the guitarists around Sweetwater, you frequently find yourself playing guitar in front of your computer...

950.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 1350.00.- พิเศษเพียง 950.00.-)


Long-hang: Akuma LONG HANGER

Akuma LONG HANGER - ขาแขวนกีต้าร์ หมุนปรับองศาได้

189.00  บาท


CC01K: String Swing Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

The #1 selling guitar hanger from String Swing! Wall or cabinet mount hanger from String Swing.Great space saving item, strong, efficient, and good looking. Made in the USA from quality hardwoods! Lifetime warranty! Will not mar finishes!...

600.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 850.00 พิเศษเพียง 600.00 บาทเท่านั้น)


HG-1: The Bull Guitar Wall Hanger

The Bull Guitar Wall Hanger Screw on guitar wall hanger with original bullhead design Thanks to the special form of the clamp the weight of the instrument pulls the 2 hooks towards each other, providing optimal hold Soft coating of the hooks...

189.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา250.- พิเศษเพียง 189.00.-)

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