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Nylpro: Planet Waves Nylpro Plus Nylon Picks

Injection molded combination of nylon and glass fiber for hard texture and bright tone Available in Extra Heavy gauge (1.4mm) Authentic two-sided grip pattern for extra control Jazz shape for articulate playing styles USA Made

25.00  บาท   (ราคาปกติ 35 บาท ลดพิเศษเพียง 25.00.-)


BLackice: Planet Waves Black Ice

Black Ice Picks feature a custom oversized "jazz" shape that is designed for speed picking and where precise articulation is required. Perfect for both rhythm and single note lead work, Black Ice Picks are triple "tumbled," creating a soft-touch...

25.00  บาท   (ปกติราคา 35 บาท ราคาพิเศษ 25.00.-)

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